May 14, 2019 -- Glucose Health, Inc. Places Largest Raw Materials Orders in History to Secure Revenue Growth

BENTONVILLE AR – Unprecedented consumer demand has resulted in GLUCODOWN® being sold-out of its three most popular flavors at Amazon.  Despite three separate pallet deliveries to Amazon distribution centers in Dallas-Fort Worth and Memphis during Q1 2019, each loaded with 1,080 to 1,320 containers of GLUCODOWN® Diabetic Friendly Formula Tea Mix, Glucose Health, Inc. (OTC: “GLUC”) has not been able to keep up with Amazon consumer demand. GLUCODOWN® Raspberry sold-out February 20th, Peach April 27th and Lemon April 30th
Murray Fleming, CEO, stated: “Ensuring sufficient levels of on-hand inventory is critically important to growing our revenues.” “The $460,000 capital we received from angel investors last week, is enabling GLUC to place the largest raw materials orders in our history for the production of GLUCODOWN®. For example, we issued a purchase order for double the quantity of the last shipment of our proprietary vitamin and minerals formula, with our supplier partner, DSM Fortitech. A purchase order of this size, enables the production of 40,000 containers of GLUCODOWN®.”
To date, GLUC has utilized an economic order quantity (EOQ) inventory acquisition model that managed revenue collections against its set cost of production and historical demand rate to minimize inventory holding costs and cash flow as sales revenues were recognized through the receivable’s process.  Although efficient in a steady sales environment, this model faces challenges when sales increase faster than expected, as has been the case since the introduction of three new GLUCODOWN® Diabetic Friendly Formula Peach, Lemon and Raspberry Tea Mix flavors.
Murray Fleming, CEO, stated: “Our updated inventory acquisition goal is to achieve 99% availability across-the-board with every retailer partner and ensure that every customer can purchase their favorite flavor of GLUCODOWN®, at all times.”
About Glucose Health, Inc. (OTC: GLUC)
Manufactured by Glucose Health, Inc. (OTC: “GLUC”), GLUCODOWN® is the premier functional tea beverage in the diabetic nutritional consumer category, which encompasses the more than 100 million Americans estimated to be diabetic or pre-diabetic, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.1 GLUCODOWN® is a unique and compelling functional beverage and the first tea mix ever to be enriched with healthy soluble fiber.  Glucose Health, Inc. is a publicly-traded company with the ticker symbol (OTC: GLUC). GLUCODOWN® is proudly manufactured in the USA.
1National Diabetes Statistics Review, 2017; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Health and Human Services.