"Our mission is to serve proactive consumers concerned with maintaining healthy blood sugar and regular digestive health with innovative dietary supplements we manufacture"

Murray Fleming, Chief Executive Officer


Glucose Health, Inc. first conceived of a dietary supplement targeted to the large market segment of proactive, healthy consumers interested in natural blood sugar maintenance or glucose health, in 2011, as Type 2 diabetes increasingly became a topic of national more


The compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of the dietary supplement industry is 5.1% and total annual sales of dietary supplements now exceed $19 billion.2  The first study to comprehensively investigate and measure why one in two (50.1%) adult American consumers now chose to use dietary more


Glucose Health, Inc. products are the first in our market segment to provide a pleasant tasting and convenient, powdered tea mix alternative to the shake or dairy-like offerings of our competitors. The Glucose Health™ formula is priced more

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August 1, 2017 -- New “Diabetic-Friendly” Glucose Health® “Fortified” Iced Tea Mix in Lemon, Peach & Raspberry
BENTONVILLE AR – Glucose Health, Inc. (OTC: “GLUC”) (“Company”), today offered consumers a preview of new Glucose Health® “Fortified” Iced Tea – three great-tasting iced...


July 26, 2017 -- “Only at Walmart” TV Advertising Increases Glucose Health® Sales 18%
BENTONVILLE AR – Glucose Health, Inc. (OTC: “GLUC”) (“Company”), the manufacturer of Glucose Health® – the only iced tea mix in America fortified with essential...
Peggy Knight - Advisor, Marketing & Branding of Glucose Health, Inc.

"We are growing the Glucose Health® and Keep your Balance™ brands by marketing our unique proprietary formula in a wide variety of product formats to appeal to consumers and pharmacy retailers."

John Lykins - Advisor, Manufacturing of Glucose Health, Inc.

"We manufacture high quality natural dietary supplement products and are compliant with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices"

Judy Nostrund - Accounting & Audit Liason of Glucose Health, Inc.

"Glucose Health, Inc. files quarterly informational reports and annual audited financial statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission."

Chandrasekhar Mallangi, Ph.D. - Advisor, Nutrition Science of Glucose Health, Inc.

"The Glucose Health® Daily Blood Sugar Maintenance formula is for persons concerned about Type-2 diabetes and maintaining their good health with dietary supplements.”