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April 1, 2019 -- Glucose Health, Inc. ANNUAL REPORT – Revenue Up 89%, Gross Profit Up 17%, Expenses Down 27%.

BENTONVILLE AR – Glucose Health, Inc. (OTC: “GLUC”) confirms the following selected financial data from its ANNUAL REPORT for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2018, posted today on
Fiscal year ended December 31, 2018:
  1. Fiscal 2018 Revenue of $197,500 compared with $104,522 for Fiscal 2017; an increase of 89%.
  2. Fiscal 2018 Gross Profit of $52,818 compared with $45,112 for Fiscal 2017; an increase of 17%.
  3. Total Operating Expenses of $76,304 vs. $104,522 for Fiscal 2017;
  4. ...

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March 19, 2019 -- WALMART GLUCODOWN® Sales Increase 27% YTD

BENTONVILLE AR – New sales statistics show GLUCODOWN®, manufactured by Glucose Health, Inc. (OTC: GLUC) (“Company”), is benefiting from increasing consumer awareness, early in 2019. Sales of GLUCODOWN® at Walmart pharmacies are up 27% for the first seven weeks of 2019 vs. the first seven weeks of 2018. Even more impressive is the 27% sales increase in 2019 is measured against a Walmart price “Rollback” in the same period of 2018 (which began the liquidation of the first generation of GLUCODOWN®).  Glucose Health, Inc. expects Walmart sales of GLUCODOWN® to continue to increase

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GLUCODOWN®, manufactured by Glucose Health, Inc. (OTC: GLUC) (“Company”), is not only generating impressive sales growth on Amazon; its winning the battle vs. long-established brands in the diabetic nutritional category, including from manufacturers SlimFast, Abbott Labs and Nestle. GLUCODOWN®, in its first 4-week period of Amazon availability (October-November 2018), generated revenues of $5,907 from 464 containers sold.  In the latest 4-week period (February-March 2019),...

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March 13, 2019 -- FDA Accepts Clinical Research Underlying GLUCODOWN® Dietary Fiber Labeling

BENTONVILLE AR – GLUCODOWN®, manufactured by Glucose Health, Inc. (OTC: “GLUC”), is the leading functional tea beverage in the over-the-counter diabetic nutritional retail category, which encompasses the more than 100 million Americans estimated to be diabetic or pre-diabetic.1 Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) regulations2 enacted in 2016, provide that only forms of dietary fiber demonstrating a “beneficial physiological effect on human health”, can be declared on nutritional supplement product labels, as dietary fiber. More than two years ago, a...

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