September 1, 2020 -- Expanded Inventory to Meet Consumer Demand Plus all New GLUCODOWN® "Enhanced Water" Beverages From Glucose Health, Inc.

BENTONVILLE, AR --  Glucose Health, Inc. (OTC: GLUC) today advised that 31,500 lb. of GLUCODOWN® – our largest production run to-date – left the dock of our Minnesota production partner's facility, bound for final consumer packaging and ultimate delivery to our national retailer partners to meet growing consumer demand. From this production run, more than 50,000 total containers of all four GLUCODOWN® tea mix flavors (Peach, Lemon, Raspberry, Super Berry) will be processed into inventory.
Not only was today's production run Glucose Health, Inc.'s largest to-date, it follows an interim single-flavor (Peach) production run completed just two months ago, in early June. This June production run brought 14,064 containers of GLUCODOWN® Peach into inventory – most of which are now sold.
Leaving the dock in Minnesota, the 31,500 lb. of GLUCODOWN® was divided into 22 pallets, each measuring nearly 6 ft. height and loaded into a specially ordered, dedicated, semi tractor-trailer for transport to our consumer packaging partner. By comparison, the first production run of GLUCODOWN® which completed in January 2018, was 5,000 lb. – a clear demonstration of how meaningfully the GLUCODOWN® brand has connected with consumers.
From its introduction, GLUCODOWN® defined an entirely new and original market category of diabetic-adult nutritional beverage – the first ever fiber and micronutrient infused tea mix. Today, Glucose Health, Inc. is pleased to announce an unprecedented expansion of the GLUCODOWN® brand. 
Three new GLUCODOWN® diabetic-adult nutritional beverages for the "enhanced" or "functional water" consumer category are now being readied for production. According to Fortune Business Insights™, the functional water category will grow to $18 billion in annual revenues by 2025.3
GLUCODOWN® Blood Sugar Maintenance, Delicious Watermelon Drink Mix, 45 Servings
GLUCODOWN® Blood Sugar Maintenance, Delicious Black Cherry Drink Mix, 45 Servings
GLUCODOWN® Blood Sugar Maintenance, Delicious Strawberry Mango Drink Mix, 45 Servings
Each new GLUCODOWN® Drink Mix will provide consumers with the same exceptional nutritional profile as the four original GLUCODOWN® Tea Mix flavors. Additionally, each will be offered to consumers in the same convenient powdered form and at the same economical price point as GLUCODOWN® tea mixes.
About Glucose Health, Inc. (OTC: GLUC)
Manufactured by Glucose Health, Inc., GLUCODOWN® nutritional beverages are formulated for the diabetic/adult nutrition retail category. More than 100 million Americans are estimated to be diabetic or pre-diabetic, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.2 GLUCODOWN® provides these consumers, and increasingly many other health-conscious consumers such as followers of a KETO diet, with a nutritious, efficacious and delicious beverage option. Glucose Health, Inc. is a publicly traded company with the ticker symbol OTC: GLUC.
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