October 12, 2017 -- Glucose Health, Inc. Hosts WALMART for Manufacturing Day 2017

BENTONVILLE, AR - Glucose Health, Inc. (OTC: GLUC) today announced members of Walmart's U.S. manufacturing team visited our production facility in Gravette, AR to mark Manufacturing DaySM 2017. The Walmart team were introduced to the equipment utilized in producing Glucose Health® by John Lykins, our Manufacturing Advisor, including industrial scale blenders, filling machinery, pressure sealing equipment and high-speed labelers. Additionally, CMO Peggy Knight previewed our new & improved Glucose Health® Diabetic-Friendly Iced Tea Mix product for the Walmart team.
Glucose Health, Inc. CEO Murray Fleming, stated: "We were honored to host the US manufacturing team last Friday. The fact is Walmart's commitment to source products from small U.S. manufacturers like ourselves, is unequaled among major corporations. By creating the annual U.S. Manufacturing Supplier Summit and Open Call Event, as part of its 10-year $250 billion U.S. manufacturing initiative, Walmart uses its massive purchasing power not only to find great new products, but to support American jobs and communities. Glucose Health® was selected by Walmart in an Open Call Event and today, is sold in more than 1800 Walmart pharmacies in all 50 States - with second-generation Glucose Health® coming to Walmart store shelves soon."
About New Glucose Health® Diabetic Friendly Iced Tea 
1. Glucose Health® iced tea is specifically formulated to serve a large, important and growing consumer market segment the tens of millions of persons with pre-diabetes.
2. Glucose Health® iced tea is the only sugar-free iced tea mix made in America, that is additionally fortified with clinically proven and holistic ingredients that may help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
3. The Glucose Health® Diabetic-Friendly Iced Tea Mix product line-up will include three delicious new flavors; peach, lemon and raspberry."
About Manufacturing DaySM
Manufacturing DaySM is an annual celebration of modern manufacturing. Created by the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, International, in 2012, Manufacturing DaySM is supported by the Manufacturing Institute and the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership and is produced by the National Association of Manufacturers, America's largest industrial trade association.
About Glucose Health, Inc.
Glucose Health, Inc. is the manufacturer of the first iced tea mix in America sweetened without sugar and fortified with clinically proven and holistic ingredients that may help maintain healthy blood glucose, triglyceride and cholesterol levels plus regular digestive health. Today, original Glucose Health® Blueberry Tea is available for purchase nationwide at Walmart in the pharmacy "Diabetic Supplies" aisle and new Glucose Health® Diabetic-Friendly Iced Tea Mix is coming soon. Glucose Health® products are manufactured in the USA and our Company is publicly-traded with ticker symbol (OTC: GLUC).