February 24, 2015 -- Glucose Health, Inc. Announces FDA Facility Registration

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Glucose Health, Inc. (OTC: GLUC) today announced its has completed Food & Drug Administration (FDA) facility registration, a compliance procedure for manufacturers of dietary and nutritional supplements. FDA facility registration is the final step in a series regulatory compliance procedures implemented by the Company, beginning in fourth quarter of 2014.

Glucose Health, Inc. CEO Murray Fleming commented:

“Compliance with FDA regulations is an essential prerequisite to Glucose Health, Inc. products being vetted and approved for sale on the shelves of national pharmacy retailers. We expect to announce initial availability of both the Blueberry and Strawberry product variants of our proprietary Glucose HealthTM formula, in a “Value-Size” container format, within the next 30 days.”

The Glucose HealthTM Natural Blood Sugar Maintenance product formula includes natural compounds, such as extracts of Cinnamon Tree Bark, extracts of Green and White Teas, Chromium GTF, Vitamin C and Soluble Corn Fiber, which in certain peer-reviewed clinical studies have been demonstrated to have impacts on serum glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol, which may be of interest to proactive persons concerned about Type 2 diabetes. For the benefit of such consumers, Glucose Health, Inc. has compiled a balanced review of clinical studies sourced primarily from the National Institutes of Health – please visit the Company’s product website www.glucosehealth.com for more information.

About Glucose Health, Inc.  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention www.cdc.gov estimates 2 in 5 adults – 40% of Americans – will develop Type 2 diabetes at some point in their lifetime.  Glucose Health, Inc. dietary products serve the large and growing market of proactive consumers aware of the serious implications of Type 2 diabetes and who are seeking natural health solutions. Glucose Health, Inc. dietary products are marketed to pharmacy retailers, through online marketplaces and via the Company’s product website www.glucosehealth.com.

To contact Glucose Health, Inc., please call 1-888-987-6315

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